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This is a futuristic, visionary piece written in 2007 by an Australian.

There is a lot of truth in it, what isn’t, is a real insight into how it is. It doesn’t have any knowledge into the different groups on different levels of evolution, if evolution is recorded in a person’s DNA.

It talks about evolution as if it were the goal of everyone. But unfortunately it is not so, and narrow, group interests run this planet, and devolve a large segment of the population into even more self-serving than their DNA would suggest, through implanting, daily, hourly, a different kind of consciousness, the consciousness of the hapless victim, of the hapless serf.

The major tools they use is “positive thinking” and the “Law of Attraction” to make people think that things are done to them, for them, and they don’t have to do anything for what they want.

The result is a weak-willed, cautious, pretentious, miserable wretch of a population, unaware that they have been entrained to be so, that this is not how they really are, that this is not how life really is.

The most important thing about the foregoing document is saying that unless a large percentage of the population takes it on themselves, with joy, to cause the evolution of the human race through their own personal evolution, through activating and protecting their own human capacities that allow them to be interested, and care for the whole, the whole human race will fall into slavery, and become pawns of a small group of “rulers” that are currently invisible, but have been running this show for a long time.

One of their trick is to create animosity against visible structures. Divide and conquer. A classic move of those that want to rule.

Divert attention… false enemies, false emergencies, another classic move of those that want to rule and want to stay invisible.

In brief, the following document is flawed, yet it is worth reading: so read it.


A major evolutionary transition is beginning to unfold on earth. Individuals are emerging who are choosing to dedicate their lives to consciously advancing the evolutionary process. They see that their lives are an important part of the great evolutionary process that has produced the universe and the life within it. They realise that they have a significant role to play in evolution.

Redefining themselves within a wider evolutionary perspective is providing meaning and direction to their lives – they no longer see themselves as isolated, self-concerned individuals who live for a short time, then die irrelevantly in a meaningless universe. They know that if evolution is to continue to fulfill its potential, it now must be driven consciously, and it is their responsibility and destiny to contribute to this.

“The most meaningful activity in which a human being can be engaged is one that is directly related to human evolution. This is true because human beings now play an active and critical r

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