Seeing. What? How? How far? How wide? How astutely?

If seeing is our access to everything, then seeing is our most important skill.
It is actually a metaskill… A meta-skill is a permanent part of you that enables you to achieve things. Metaskills get more and more important as the new kind of work… the future of work. And life…

But, unfortunately, when I look, according to my measures, it is our ability to see is the ability most taken for granted.

We, at any moment, feel that we see everything… except that even the best of us only see some of what there is to see, and the average sees about 3% of what would make them happy, healthy, loved, and prosperous. 3%… while they think they see it all.

We need to LEARN to see… whaaat? Yeah…
So in this article I’ll attempt to list all the ways seeing or not seeing makes a difference for your life.
Seeing and labeling, seeing an interpreting arise exactly at the same time… this is why so many of us can’t see what we see, we can only see what we’ve said about what our visual perception organ said about it.

If you want to compare people, and really know what the difference between them, instead of looking only at their performance, results, happiness, etc. you’d be better at looking at what they see, how they see it, how far they see, how wide they see, and how astutely they interpret them.

Why? Because you can learn to see more, better, farther, wider, and more astutely, while you don’t have much power, directly, over your results.
Your attitudes come directly from what you see. Directly.
And even though you and another dude see, supposedly the same thing, his behavior is going to be different, his results are going to be different, based on one single thing: what they see and what they say about it.

Most of my students have a base way to look at the world. They evaluate what they see by what they wanted to see. And what they see is not what they wanted to see 90% of the time.

So they see what they see through a very binary filter… and can’t see any shade, anything in between, any opportunity, any beauty, any good thing in it… because of that filter.

When they allow that filter to become more malleable, allow some gray come in through it, their life’s become a whole lot more manageable, and they start seeing more opportunities for being.

So when we look at the title of this article and ask the same question, the way most people on the planet look at the world is black and white, good or bad, right and wrong.
We call this The Valley of The Shadow of Death level… or the horizontal plane.
We see only things we either want or don’t want. Neutral things remain invisible… unimportant.

Our attitude, our mood, regarding what we see enters through the filter of ‘this is it’ or ‘this isn’t it’. Right or wrong. What we wanted or we don’t want this. Emotionally we swing wildly between euphoria and despair.

We don’t see beyond the immediate… where it goes, what may be beyond it is not visible… Other
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