Updated: Reclaim your life. When your desire is low your Life Force is Low

Summary: you don’t know who you are, you don’t have access your real desires because of a sinister scheme perpetuated… But it is time you reclaim your Self, it is time to reclaim you Life.

When you ask people to locate themselves, point at themselves, most point at their chest. Why? Because they feel themselves there: most feelings you feel, most emotions you feel are in the chest. Your breathing is in the chest. So it makes sense.

Others hesitate between their head and their chest.

As an empath I can see the discrepancy between what they show, where they point, and where the energy goes.

It always goes to the head, mostly into the forehead, but often to the space under the nose.

About a year and a half ago (Christmas of 2012), in a connection meditation session, I asked the participants to first locate their “Self” and then move it, at will into their hand, belly, and then the Seat of the Soul.

It lead to an amazing insight, an amazing meditation experience, the Avatar State audios, and then something that no one expected, the Self actually coming alive.

One of the participants had lived her life counter to her Self’s, her Soul’s desire: she lived a life of brainy, mental activities. She was unfulfilled, and frankly, not good at it.


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