Activator downloads is a technical term for a method that has the recipient and the giver
connected to Source
the giver commands Source to download a specific activator.

Activators are a series of sentences written in the language of the subconscious, to facilitate activation of capacities of a high-functioning, highly conscious, highly effective, highly accomplished human being. Most activators are one complex energy influencing the person on the DNA level, by unlocking a capacity that exists on every human’s DNA but isn’t active… it is like a switch that is turned off.

Activators are downloaded into the subconscious, the conscious, the soul, and the cellular level. The subconscious has two parts, the ego and the history level… these are the most important recipients of the activator, because behavior, feelings, thoughts all come from those two levels. And these are the determinant of a person’s success, what they see, their thoughts, their feelings, and their actions.

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