Anxiety: anxiety is a vague sense of impending doom. The basis of it is fear of the unknown, the unpredictable.

The basis of anxiety is your “default name” the answer to the question: who are you that you are (for you)

Once you get the default name right, you are going to be largely free of anxiety.

I teach the method(s) that work for finding your default name reliably.

One of the courses I teach it on is the Soaring Method, The Brilliance at Will, and the Effortless Abundance Course. Find them on my site.

In addition to learning courses, you can start using my harmonize audio and the Heaven on Earth energy bundle in a bottle… they both will work on the cause of the anxiety, not on the anxiety itself.

One of the currently available course is the Soul Correction Workshop. It is a low-intensity course to produce unprecedented results: return you to the You who you really are. No anxiety, because there are no lies.
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