Bach Energy tm

Dr. Edward Bach was a British physician at the first third of the 20th Century.
Based on the principles of homeopathy, where a minute energetic sample of the symptom of a disease eliminates the disease, he found 38 plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, that have all the range of human foibles, character flaws, and negative attitudes.

He created a water based essence of each and diluted it. They work famously, but given that the carrier of the energy is physical, when the different essences are mixed, the result nix each other out.

Source has duplicated the energies of these essences. These are what we call Bach Energies. They work as well as the essences and do not nix each other out.

These can be used individually or in any combination, they can be infused in water based carrier, and other items as well. Amazing and very fast results
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