Bilocation is the ability to experience one’s self at two different places. Experience as view, hear, sense. The two “selves” act differently, one is the observer, and the other is the “explorer.”

In Star Trek The Next Generation, there is an episode that is the perfect illustration for this: Year 7, 3rd episode: Interface.

In this episode Geordi LaForge, the blind engineer, is hooked up to a probe that they send into dangerous missions. The probe is operated by Geordi, and the probe feeds back sensory information to Geordi. In effect, the real Geordi experiences being there, seeing, hearing, touching things his mortal self could not survive, temperatures, climates, etc. This “probe” is your bilocated self that goes out on a mission to get the information for you, to test out new behaviors, to help you live the activated life you are capable of.

Bilocation in remote viewing is doing exactly what happens in this episode of Star Trek… to learn more about remote viewing, there is a good site out there, Remote viewing site
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