Context is speaking. There is no such thing as context, context is personal, and malleable. You can make up your own context. Positive thinking was supposed to be a context, but it devolved into stupidity.
One of my favorite contexts to make up… because you make up your context, invent it, design it, because it is up to you: is that it’s my soul correction whatever is happening to me is part of my growth.
Victor Frankl calls it meaning in his amazing and effective logo therapy… logo comes from Greek: logos=word, speaking… you always make it up with words… and your life transforms as a result.

Context is the background against which all is happening in your life. It is where meaning comes from, it is where the interpretations come from.

In my newest article I use the analogy of a movie screen that is plastered with pictures of what you know and what you decided about life. When the movie starts, the pictures are already there. Instead of seeing the movie per se, you see a filtered version of it, at best, and none of the actual movie, only your already always pictures alighted by the movie projector’s light.

Either way, your relationship to life is predetermined by your context, the myriad of pictures plastered on your movie screen.
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