From My Correspondence: Authority, Empath, Connected To Source… Who The Heck Gave You Authority?

Amy asks, after doing the Unconditional Love Activator the first time:
Right after I did the Unconditional Love activator, I experienced my eyes fluttering and I couldn’t focus. The top of my head ached. I agreed with commands and I thought, of course, that makes sense. like I already knew that I just had to be reminded. Also this morning when I woke up, I thought: ‘The key to this whole thing is love’ that was it.
Interesting. Sometimes I feel like the way you deliver this message is a mother telling her children what to do. I wonder where you get the authority? Just wondering how you came to this point of authority on connecting with source? How are you so sure you are able to read peoples vibes? Is there some place we can read more about you on your blog? I have read many of your post and find you interesting and I think your love connection is right on!

Thank you
Here is my (long) answer:

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