dysphoric is the opposite of euphoric.

A person suffering from a dysphoric mood, or dysphoria, is afflicted with a general feeling of unhappiness. His or her emotional state is characterized by one or many of the emotions generally considered negative, including sadness, anxiety, restlessness, and irritability.

This condition can include a variety of emotions, so the experience of a dysphoric mood can vary from one person to the next. It can also range in intensity, from relatively mild to severe, overwhelming emotions. An acute episode may completely overwhelm the sufferer to the point where his or her daily activities and social interactions are impacted.

Dysphoria refers to a general unpleasant mood and is often associated with mental illnesses and conditions, including mania, depression, bipolar disorder, general anxiety disorder, and personality disorders.

The term can refer to many different types of mental states or moods, including anxiety, sadness, or uncomfortableness. In some cases, dysphoria is short-lived, such as when the mood or feelings occur in response to a life occurrence, including during periods of grief or high stress.

When the condition occurs in conjunction with a mental illness, treatment to alleviate the associated symptoms and stabilize the patient’s mood may be necessary.
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