expanding personality

The term, Expanding personality befuddles most people… but it is a easy to explain phenomenon, not so simple and not so easy to accomplish.

What you expand is your mindset. You go from puny and contracting and defending and concerned to unconcerned, inclusive, and large.

In essence, it is growing into your larger self, into your real self, into your higher self.

I remember sitting in Wizard School, and every student seem to be able to tell if a behavior was higher self or lower self, so it seems common knowledge.

What people don’t know is how to access that at a moment’s notice, and how to choose it.

The work of the Planetary Ascension, or Activating The Original Design does this through Activations. After activation of an individual capacity, that particular capacity comes easily, it is easy to choose and live.

Capacities like being inclusive, being generous, being unafraid, being bold, being loving, joyful, unconcerned are activated one after the other.

The result is an expanded human being.

And it all sits on the foundation of the cornerstone of being expanding, being the larger you: You are already loved, you don’t need to search for love, pretend so you are loved, accomplish to earn love, and all that, that is now our life.

The foundation or cornerstone is a downloadable activator that will be released on my birthday, September 4.
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