expanding human being

Expanding Human Being, the term, comes from Wallace D. Wattles, an obscure writer who appeared out of no place, left an indelible mark on human knowledge, and died around 1910.

His most known book is “The Science of Getting Rich”

Wattles, through some unknown way, raised his vibration to 650, and went from misery and poverty to an influential writer and rich.

Just so you can appreciate what I am saying, today, July 6, 2011, there is no human being who at a vibration that even approaches that, the highest vibration person on the planet has 600 on the Map of Consciousness.

In his writings, Wattles, reveals the nature of the Universe and Life. Life is about expanding, Life is about more life.

Being an Expanding Human Being is being in harmony with all of Life. It is the purpose of Life, and it should be the purpose of YOUR life.

Expanding means becoming more, more in the physical sense, more in the spiritual sense, and more in the mental sense.

To expand evenly in all three areas is what makes you and Expanding Human Being; any area ignored or neglected takes you out of that definition.

All aspects depend on your vibration, and then reflect back on it.

When you raise your vibration, it is easier to become an Expanding Human Being, and expanding in all 3 areas raise your vibration.

This seems to be the game we came to participate in.

My work is to provide the activation of the divine blueprint, so you are not trying to do something you are not effectively equipped to do.

By activation your dormant circuits you can play the game the way it was intended: being a spiritual being in a physical body in a temporal universe, earning the right to go home.
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