healing energy

Healing energies are the kind of energies that cause coherence.

We all know, or at least can imagine, what perfect health feels like. When your body is working the way it should, you feel body-less. When anything is out of whack, you suddenly feel your body. You feel pain, or discomfort.

That is the design that made life work for most of the species, except for humans.

Humans are the only species that relinquished their right to take care of themselves, bit by bit, guided by their feelings. The handed over the right to a powerful political force, the medical establishment. The scientists. The newsmen. The politicians. The manufacturers and the agricultural industry.

Man is devolving as a result.

Healing energies attempt to restore harmony, coherence both in the body and in the mind. They are designed to empower, but the consciousness needs to be awakened and restored to its natural “glory” for a human to begin to take charge of their existence, their being, their life.

It’s a one in a million, one in a billion chance, by now.

Healing energies, harmonizing energies come directly from Source, at the request of an elevated, conscious Human.

Healing energies are non-specific, intelligent energies that “know” harmony, “know” coherence, and also listen to the person who called them down.

I have been able to remove gall stones, remove blockages of the sinuses, reverse cancerous growth process (I am not a doctor, so I am not sure this is what happened, I can only go by my feelings, and my feelings were before: cold, reluctant to take up energies, not working with the rest of the body; after: no separation, no cold areas, harmony), cleanse the liver, cleanse the brain, restore mobility of joints, and such.

Healing energies can be infused in liquid and keep on healing.

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle is 40 such energies, the Energizer, the Unbreakable are such. And the “Big Bundle” of powerful energies is a “diagnostic” bundle: it reveals the connection of areas that is not self-evident, and thus allow me to find the source of the trouble, instead of trying to change symptoms.

There is no mind, no mind-knowledge involved in the healing sessions, so all healings are unique.
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