Vibrational Reviews: Holosync, Bill Harris, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Craig Hamilton, Galactic Federation Of Light, Nicki Lemarbre, Trinfinity 8, James Robinson, Dahryn Tr.

The vibrational numbers were true at the time I measured them… look at the date of this article.

Most people’s vibration gets lower every day… So unless I updated the number, expect that their vibration is lower now. Why? Because once you have established your “authority” in the world, you see no reason and no opportunity to grow… 🙁

Bill Harris personal vibration: 195 updated in 2018: 140. Truth value: 3%
Holosync free disc: 399
Holosync whole program: 230
Holosync as methodology and theory: 240

MaryEllen Tribby took over the company, holosync and Centerpointe… and is selling the sh*t out of Bill’s heritage… with a sales letter emailed every day… hard selling too.

MaryEllen Tribby’s vibration is 100. (November 2018)


Gregg Braden (Visionary Author Bridging Science and Spirituality)
personal vibration: 300.
teachings: 250

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