seeking greedily to obtain money at every opportunity…

In terms of Source and laws of money: if someone isn’t giving you the value you are paying for, can be considered money-grubbing.

The question is, of course, in the eye of the buyer: if you are buying “raise your vibration” but you don’t know the first thing about vibration, raising, measuring, everything that makes you feel good, different, everything that is distracting to you, will be good enough.

I have a recommendation to you: stop following the news, stop watching television, and start reading. Good books. Preferably non-fiction. Fiction is a way for you to hide from your life, but the purpose of life is not to hide from but to live your life.

Consider that your life’s purpose, if you want to live a harmonious, interesting, and rewarding life, then your life’s purpose must be in harmony, and must also fulfill the soul’s purpose.

The soul wants you to make the most of yourself while you help it improve itself, go from a pure receiver to a contributor, participant, giver, expanding entity.

The same will work nicely for you, and you’ll be a happy couple, you and your soul.

How to do that? My courses teach just that. Simple but not easy… but rewarding. The only rewarding life I have ever heard about.
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