A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely.[1] When a pendulum is displaced sideways from its resting equilibrium position, it is subject to a restoring force due to gravity that will accelerate it back toward the equilibrium position. When released, the restoring force combined with the pendulum’s mass causes it to oscillate about the equilibrium position, swinging back and forth. The time for one complete cycle, a left swing and a right swing, is called the period. A pendulum swings with a specific period which depends (mainly) on its length.

In this work we use the pendulum as a representation of the machine that is the mind.

It only have options, it chooses from what it can see, it is limited, it is intent to fix, to make things more, better, or different.

It is out of sync with LIFE, with existence, with the limitless choices and the infinite Universe.
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