Reframing is the same as creating a new context, or changing the context.

We all have a default context, a default frame to look at the world, and that frame was born between age 1 and 8 for most people. It is a binary question: am I lovable/loved/accepted/appreciated or not… this is an example, but 90% of the people I work with has that fundamental survival issue as their dominant and default frame.

Reframing simply means: ask a different question.

Our favorite question should be, in this work of the Tangerine Method of connecting to Source, or the Original Design, our favorite question should be: is this growing or is this shrinking.

Another good frame/question is: is this taking me closer to my goal of growing, or away from it?

You cannot be in survival and grow at the same time. Survival is at best trying to hold onto something, mostly love, position, money, and is, in effect, dying.

We all know that a business is either growing or it’s dying. This is even more true to people.

Get really good at reframing and you’ll be on your path to becoming and Expanding Human Being…
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