reptilian brain

The reptilian brain is mainly interested in keeping you alive.

Because of the low intelligence level of the reptilian brain, it operates on a low level of recognition. This is the brain with which you “decide” what is good for you, and what is bad for you, what is safe and what is dangerous.

The reptilian brain makes its decision based on past decisions. If an earlier decision didn’t kill you, then it also good enough for now: which makes it hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, or for you to change, forgive, and grow, evolve, and be an expanding human being.

Most spiritual or self-development programs are ineffective in that they don’t touch the subconscious that is tightly associated with.

Only when the stored choices in the subconscious change permanently, that you can expect effortless change in behavior, attitude, and feelings, and consequently in actions and results.

My program permanently alters the subconscious so you can become who you really are.
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