Resistance is the opposite of allowing, the opposite of welcoming, the opposite of willingness.

The “machine” that is the horizontal self, the reptilian brain, the mind, says that if you push back then you can get rid of what you don’t want.

And often in the outside world this works: you fire people, you divorce them, you beat them, you lock them out, you disconnect from them.

Unfortunately, in your inner world this doesn’t work.

In the inner world, resistance is the enemy. When you resist, you get hooked, and you become the dog that is wagged by its tail. You lose your power, you lose yourself to what you are resisting.

In the inner world, if you want to keep or regain your power you need to let go, you need to allow that which you are so strongly craving to resist, you need to welcome it, make room for it, and then, and only then, you can be free from it.

It is easier said than done. To the degree that you get hooked by emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, to the same degree you are tethered to the horizontal plane, the plane of competition, the plane of never enough, the plane of scarcity, and the plane of utter misery.

In my programs I teach you how to let go of what you can’t let go of… knowing about it makes absolutely no difference.

Learning this is much like learning Aikido, the martial arts that is like dancing. Takes years: it needs to become your being, not just a strategy that you can pull out when you want to.
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