second phase

Second Phase is a phase of the activation that is elective and requires both your knowledge and your participation.

If the highest vibration attainable for a human being is 1000, then 299, although is respectable and nice, is not the top of where you can get.

Just like some people strive for higher knowledge, higher position, higher consciousness, there will be people who want more out of life than what’s available at 299, and will want to learn how to raise their vibration, permanently, to higher levels.

I have gone, in the past 5 years, from 150 to 940, so it is possible.

I think so, though I am not a typical person in this regard: my ambition has been to cause the transformation of the planet, and not much worldly possession of stuff…

You may be different. I can tell you about my experience: overall intelligence rises, capacity to tune into Universal Intelligence (knowledge) increases, capacity to manifest opportunities, see the big picture, know when to do something and when to wait has really increased.

Oh, and it feels good. Quiet mind, almost unbroken smooth mood… while still feeling like a human being, still be able to feel anger, joy, sadness, frustration, anxiety, and have a choice to keep the feeling around or let them go.

I laugh a lot. I find most things hilariously funny.
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