Why can’t you learn, and how could you? The single most important factor…

Going from smart to intelligent…
In this article I am biting off more than I can chew… So it will probably make more sense to people who are in my programs, and will make sense once I learn how to speak/write it coherently.

What’s missing? Why are so many smart people who are less than successful?

This is going to be a series.

This part deals with learning… The brainstate conducive to learning…
Then, in coming parts, we’ll talk about why you can’t learn something, even though you are smart…
Why you can’t use something that you thought you learned or knew…
And what you can do so you can go from smart to intelligent.

Intelligence is the ability to get results with the knowledge you have… as opposed to smart: able to get a lot of knowledge…

I just finished the Learning how to learn course

Here are some observations and thoughts that will raise that course’s truth value to 60%. Without these, it is 30%. Not bad… but not very good either.

Important distinctions of the course: (there are more, but these are the most important barriers to learning.)
Focused state learning vs. fuzzy state learning
Like with everything, there are distinctions that are in the visible domain of reality, and distinctions that are invisible until they are distinguished…

In the visible domain, the difference is your brain’s attitude about the material, the brain’s approach.

In order to get into the focused state, the brain needs to first force itself to exclude everything else, so it narrows your cone of vision, your cone of hearing, it tries to ignore your back itching, your butt hurting on the chair… because it is HELLBENT to get what you are intending to get.

I used to get into this mode occasionally, especially when I saw a tutorial, a questionnaire to fill in, a quiz… fear.
Fear of making an ass of myself.
And it was, predictably, a self-fulfilling prophecy: in that focused state I could not get the question right (the context), so my answers were predictably wrong. I didn’t understand the tutorial… I got dumber than dumb. For a long time I really thought I was dumb.

I had a lot of punishments in my life.

At some point, since I started doing this work, and connecting to Source much of the day, this attitude towards questions and tutorials has gotten a whole lot better. It is still there… until I feel my feelings, feel the fear, and relax into it.
So what is there for people who cannot learn — despite their efforts to learn?
This is the question I had on my mind when I did some back and forth with one of my students who hasn’t been able to learn the foundation of the Playground course, despite her spending a lot of efforts to do so.

Our exchange ended with me saying “it took me years to get it… so there is no hurry”, and her answering “Oh dear!
Well, at least that lessens the fear of falling behind…”
Another one of the distinctions of the Learning how to learn course is “project
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