soul was forcing me

interesting wording, isn’t it. We have Soul quite as a passive part of us.

But once you participate in our connection calls or the healing meditation calls, there you activate your connection to Soul and then Soul starts to take an active part in your life.

Soul will experiment with different ways to guide you, unless you expressly tell Soul how you want to be guided.

I like to be guided through books, movies, and emails. I want Soul to grab my hand and force me to click, or grab.

Often I wake up in the morning and even before I go to the bathroom (gasp!) I am pulled to my computer to click on a link, or open an email from a person I never read emails from.

I NEVER resist these physical pushes: it comes because I have asked for them! Those emails, movies, books have the guidance I asked for!

How did I ask for the guidance? Two ways: 1. summarily: I asked Soul to guide me to get the purpose accomplished. 2. nightly: every night when I remember I curl up with Soul and whisper encouragement to Soul to get me the guidance by the morning.

I don’t get guidance through dreams. I don’t want to. I want to sleep… lol, but you can, if you want.
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