Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… Unless

Summary: this is a heavy duty psychological excavation of what is secretly running your life… but it is worth reading. but if you like to just nod and do nothing with what you read, don’t read it… it is wasted on you.

I had an interesting and unexpected experience today.

A few years ago I bought a woman’s book to help her becoming an Amazon best seller author. I didn’t read the book. Never opened it past the introduction.

Now that I am trying to sell my thousands of books on Amazon, I ran into it…

I started to read her author’s bio on the site, and I had a huge attack of sorts.

Hate, anger, the desire to kill. Tears sprung into my eyes, my muscles tensed, I gritted my teeth, and my body was shaking. Wow. I haven’t had that in a long time.

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