vibrational frequency

Your vibration is a number that indicates something that you didn’t expect: from how high you view, from how high you see reality.

Depending on that number you can see more or less… and obviously if you see less you make more mistakes, your world closes in on you, your actions will be misdirected, ineffective, and you will be lacking.

Vibration or Vibrational frequency is a relative number. It is made up: what it measures is not a physical number, it is measuring to what degree your consciousness is in line with all-of-it, to what degree it is in harmony with the universe, and to what degree you live in alignment with the Original Design, which is living in harmony with all.

The number is between 1 and 1000. My vibration currently 990, and because the number is logarithmic, I am in about 60% harmony with all of it.

Most people living on the planet have their vibration on or under 150. Certain capacities are not available below certain vibration. Love is not available under 530

Doing my courses raises your vibration by taking you out of the mind and harmonizing you (through activators) with all of it.
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