a webinar is an online seminar. there is a presenter, there is a presentation, and there is an audience. Most webinars are done in a presentation mode, which means that the audience can 1. raise their hands 2. type a question or a comments.

Which means you don’t need a microphone, or a headset.

on MY webinars we use both of those communication methods, raising hands and typing answers. I also feel you, your emotions, your attention, your pain.

That is why you need to come to a webinar to be taught to connect. Unfortunately it in not possible to know what you do behind your closed eyelids, or with your attention inside your head by looking at you. You don’t know it either… unfortunately. Without being an empath I would not be able to teach you successfully either.

Though you can always ask me in an email after your attempt and I’ll know, the best and fastest way I know to be taught is coming to a Saturday call, aka webinar.

Once you know how to connect, you can get your Unconditional Love Activator, and it will work.
You can learn muscle testing and it will work. With such a small investment of one hour.
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