Vibrational Reviews

This page is a work in progress! When this page is ready it will become, hopefully, a complete list of all the teachers, gurus, healers, authors I have reviewed to date. Until I link the name to the review, please do a search on the site. make sure you spell the name correctly, or the review won’t be found

9d clearing
Aaron Murakami
Abraham Hicks
Adam Shiffman insight energetic
Adi Da
AFT Attractor Field Technique
Alan Watts
Alexander Wilon
Aluna Joy
Amit Goswami (“The Quantum Activist”) his “science”
Amit Goswami
Amy Flynn
Andrew Bartzis
Andrew Weil
Ann Taylor healer
Annette Carlstrom
Anodea Judith
Anodea Judith
Anthony de Mello
Arnold Mindell-process-oriented psychology
Aurobindo Mother (Mirra Alfassa)
Barbara DeAngelis
Belinda Davidson
Bending God
Bernie Siegel
Bill Wernet
Bob Bell
Bovis Scale
Brad & Julius
Brendon Burchard
Brian David Andersen
Brian Swimme
Brigit Goldworthy
Brother Ishmael Tetteh
Bruce Goldberg
Bruce Lipton
Burt Goldman
Carl Jung
Carnelian Sage
Carnelian Sage
Carol Lee
Caroline A Shearer
Caroline Cory
Caroline Myss
Carolyn Cooper
Charles Haneel
Chris Thomas – Welshman who reads the Akashic Records
Christel Hughes
Christie Marie Sheldon
Christopher Pinckley
Christopher Tims
Chuny Lin
Clayton Nolte (Structured Water)
Colette Baron Reid
Cory Michelle (Access Consciousness)
Craig Hamilton
Crimson Circle truth value:
Dain Heer
Darius Barazenda
Darren Weissman
David Icke
David Spero
David Wilcock
Dawn Abraham
Dawn E Clark
Dawn James
Debra Cummings
Dee Wallace
Denise Linn
Desteni (cult?) truth value: 80
Desteni (cult?)
DNA activation
Doris Priest
Doug Parks
Dr Alex Loyd
Dr Joe Dispenza
Dr Joe Dispenza
Dr John Demartini
Dr John Demartini
Dr Michael Laitman
Dr Rick Hanson
Dr Rick Hanson
Dr Yubraj Sharma
Dr. David Sereda
Dr. Dean Ornish
Dr. Donna Embree
Dr. Jewel Pookrum
Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby
Dr. Kurt Ebert and AFT
Dr. Mark Sircus
Dr. Maxwell Nartey
Dr. Pankaj Naram
Dr. Shea
Dr. Teresa Dale
Dr.Zhi Gang Sha
Dr.Zhi Gang Sha
Eckhart Tolle
Elaine Williams
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Elizabeth K Stratton
Ellen Kratka
Elma Mayer healer (people search for Alma Mayer)
Emmanuel Dagher
Emmanuel Dagher
Energizing Water
Eric Altman
Eric Pearl
Eric Robison
Erik Berglund
Esther Hicks
Faster Eft
Fred Alan Wolf
Gary Blier
Gary Douglas
Gene Latimer and Tachyon
Geniuxole System Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden
Gregory Hoag
Guy Finle
Guy Finley
Hale Dwoskin
Hare Krishna
Harriet Lerner
Harrison Klein
Harrison Klein
Heart Connection
Heaven’s Gate
Herbert W. Armstrong (Founder if W
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