Coming from vs Going to

Summary: from the comments and email I am getting it is clear that the concept of starting with HAPPY is totally inconceivable to most of you. In my response to a comment I managed to express the essence of it: It is like the skin color you have, it is part of you.
“In the HAPPY I advocate, where you start with HAPPY, stay HAPPY, end HAPPY. It’s not a result. It is who you are. You do what needs to get done to grow, and you are HAPPY while doing it. You are not “happy” to do it, that would be something else again. You are HAPPY, just like you don’t change your skin color according to the type of task you do in life. You stay white, or pink, or yellow, or black… whatever you started with.

It is as if you said “I am white” if you were born white. And then you live according to that.”

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