you hear everywhere, consciousness this, consciousness that, but it is not clear what consciousness is.

This is not a scientific definition, this, the glossary, this is how I mean consciousness in my articles, in my webinars in my courses.

Consciousness is a combination of what you are aware of, what aspect of you is looking, or aware of what you are aware of, and where you are standing when you are aware.

Therefore consciousness is an in-between and how, instead of a thing.

It could be said that there is lower consciousness and higher consciousness, depending on this relationship between the aware part and the thing of which that part is aware of.

If you are aware with a part of you that is intent on making you look better than you are, obviously we could assess that that is lower consciousness.

The highest consciousness is when the aware part is your Observer, when the relationship is proactive and not reactive, and when you are in a position where you can also see your organizing principle… i.e. the possibility based open being, like I am a winner, I am free, I am the Edison of Transformation.


the what: people doing what they said they would do, or not
the part that is aware: the mind
the position: the mind

When people do what they said they would do, I would be happy and gratified, but when they don’t, I would be angry and devastated, or self-righteous… horrible feelings.
the what: people doing what they said they would do, or not
the part that is aware: the Observer, the Self
the position: the Observer

Whether people are doing what they said they would do, or not, the Observer, the Self is OK: the invented context: I am the Edison of Transformation considers what’s happening is just what’s happening, and not an evaluation, not a judgment of what I am doing: it is normal for anything to fail, in fact success is a rare exception in every endeavor.

My mood and well being is steady and I am not disempowered by what’s happening.

This is what we call highest consciousness. It is achievable by everyone, but it takes work, building skills, and practicing. It’s worth it.

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