Self-Discipline Activator…
Without self-discipline, you are stuck where you are. Self-discipline is the missing step to a life of grace and ease… without self-discipline you live a hodge-podge undirected, unfulfilled life.

The solution is…

Energetic activation of the missing or atrophied capacity
You’ll live the next 4-8 weeks putting your attention to how you are in the world, your relationship to yourself, to your body, to your life.
The Self-Discipline Activator is an energy solution: the Energy of the Avatar State is embedded in the audio recording, and you’ll change to the degree that you allow the energy to work on you.
You don’t need to hear the audio to work on you, although it needs to play, not in a mute way, it actually needs to stream audio for it to work.
It is recommended that you do not listen to the audio directly: it doesn’t work through your ears: the energy is all over the place, centering around the audio device, effectively harmonizing you to its own vibration even if you are on a different continent. Listening directly to the audio may sever your capacity to connect to All-of-it, so please don’t do it.

Get this activator. Every time you want to upgrade your habits, your self-control, your self-discipline so you can accomplish more in life, you’ll take it out and play it again…
How to use this activator:
Create a clear and concise plan of 2-3
self-discipline issues,
limits you want to set…
eating only at certain time,
eating certain foods,
going to bed at a set time,
saying “no, thank you” when something you said you would not eat is offered,
getting up from your computer every 15-20 minutes to walk around, etc.

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