Psychic Attacks, Psychic Attachments, cords, removal

Healers, teachers, witches and sorcerers put attachments on you. They are also called “cords”, but they are really like a water hose: they siphon away your Life Force, or pump stuff into you that you don’t need or want.

These psychic attacks are needed for the “healers” to influence you, your energy, your behavior. But once the healing session is done, they don’t know how to remove them from you, and most don’t know how to remove them from themselves. So they drag hundreds of cords with them in their daily lives, unconsciously.

There are also psychic attacks, and I have encountered them on myself, on on clients: they don’t always include cords, but often. I teach the cloaking technique, simple and fast, to protect yourself. You need to renew the cloak every few hours or so.
I can check if you have an attachment on you and can tell if I can remove it.
Pay $5 or more here

If you have attachments, you may want me to remove them.
Send me an email and ask how much time it may take… My payments are in 15 minute increments, $25/for 15 minutes, and “normally” I can remove 3-4 attachments in 15 minutes, unless there are complications.

I will send you a payment link. The payment link allows you to choose the quantity, 1 is 15 minutes, 2 is 30 minutes, etc.

I’ll use the time you pay for, and let you know when I am done… and how many attachments are still on you, if any.

You won’t be on a call with me. I do this work remotely.

I will do the work when I have time, the energy, and the peace of mind. Don’t be impatient, please.

PS: If you have very low vibration, you could have attachments, and once the attachments are removed you can work on it and raise your vibration.

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