Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies to Bach Flower Energies: a 21st Century Miracle

Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Essences are specially made remedies, aqueous (water based) essences made with fresh water, the sun, and a specific and special flower (for the most part it’s a flower).

Edward Bach, who was a medical doctor, was an empath himself, and a very sensitive man. He correctly intuited that emotional disturbances cause all physical illnesses, blockages, and therefore if the blockages are released, the person will be well.

The blockages are caused by ego-based attitudes: we could call them character flaws. Bach found the 38 flowers in 10 years. Once he completed the set and he was satisfied, his work on Earth done, he died.

I was first relating to his work with distrust and aversion. I think I related to everything that way… but I can’t really remember. But later on I got curious and I got “hooked” by the simplicity and the elegance of his method.

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