Attachments, cords, curses, spells, lost soul fragments, energy vampires

Why isn’t life as good as it was
What changed? Where did your energy go? Where did your curiosity go? Where did your joy of discovery, the joy of building something, the joy of learning something go?

If we wanted to demonstrate you and the changes that happened we could use a water balloon to do that.

You fill up a balloon with water and tie off the opening. And then watch.

If you shoot at the balloon with arrows, each arrow will create a hole. Soon the balloon will look like a porcupine where it leaks at every arrow that pierced it.

These arrows are what I call attachments. They are particular arrows dragging with themselves a string or a chain… slowing you down, restrictive your movements, restricting your vision, diminishing you.
There are all kinds of attachments, some self-inflicted, some came from others.
Here is a list of what kind of attachments I have already discovered, and my hunch is that there is at least one more… I just haven’t been able to identify it.

Guru, influencer, or healer attachment: this attachment is done by a guru who either needed to connect to you to do some healing work remotely, or connected to you to influence you. Either way, these are nasty attachments. It can be also done by an authority figure in your life, who intends to enslave you, or a church figure…
The second type of attachment is a soul fragment. What happened is that there was something in your life that you could not be with, you broke off a piece of your soul, and unfortunately it is still hanging off you with a cord… leaking your energy and brilliance. I had a ton of these, when I worked on myself.
Curses and spells… curses can be attached to you by ordinary people, but spells need Magik… But they are equally damaging
Karma attachments: these are similar to the soul fragment attachment in that you create them yourself. People who believe in karma unwittingly carry a slew of these around, no wonder they feel half dead.
The last one is also self-inflicted; it is a belief, a fundamental belief you have about yourself and about life. But it is not just a belief: it is a pattern. You have it that because you are this way, you should do this…

This creates an ever smaller box created by ineffective actions that serve only one purpose: to make your life smaller.

The effective, constructive actions start to disappear and you become a puppet on a string, with no smaller desire, but smaller ability to provide results for yourself.

I have been offering the service to remove these attachments, and the results are satisfying, sometimes staggering. Vibration rises, people start taking small actions previously they were unable or unwilling to take.

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