When you realize that YOU are wasting your life… Updated

How do YOU waste your life? How do YOU leak?
A student of mine watched a movie last night. In the movie she heard the following dialogue:

“Thank you for saving my life” “Don’t waste it.”

She cried. Later her husband was picking a fight with her. She stepped back and didn’t react.

An hour later the husband came downstairs. She offered him tea. He apologized for his behavior.
Why am I sharing this with you? Because one way or another we are all wasting our life, or most of it.

The most useful question I have found to snap me out of this wasteful way of being is:
What is using my perfectly good life right now?

Here are some examples. All are life-wasters that you can eliminate by bringing consciousness to life… stopping for a moment, and choose…. Helping you with that are, of course, the the activators.

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