How would you know if you are a sissy? And I don’t mean gay…

This is a March 2017 update… Since I wrote this article, I have been able to measure your sissiness score… I call it the TLB Score (Twitchy Little Bastard score)… to what degree you are able to evolve as a human. Personally. You. Able and willing.
Want to know your score? Your life actually shows you… but if you think it’s the circumstances, or not being smart enough… you may want to find out what about you that doesn’t allow you to grow, to create a life worth living.
Get your TLB score… I measure it personally… it is not a questionnaire… How can I measure it? I am a True Empath… I can measure accurately a lot of invisible things about you…

OK… here is the original article.
Humanity is declining… Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

I read a paragraph in an article, online, I can’t seem to find the article any more.

The article says that the United States became a world leader because of its attitude of innovation, and hard work, but today: U.S. consumers spend significantly more on potato chips than the U.S. government devotes to energy Research and Development.

Research and Development, innovation, is what makes a country grow, and it needs people who can cause growth. People who can think. Who are willing to think. Who enjoy thinking, getting to be pioneers… work long hours, be uncomfortable… Not for the money, but because they love challenges.

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