The Third Kind of Depression and how to beat it without drugs: simple but not easy

The Third Kind of Depression

Depression Is A Sign That You Are Unwilling To Hit Bottom. When You Hit Bottom, There Is The Beginning Of Coming Up

I took a short break this afternoon. I lied down. This depression thing has been on my mind since I wrote that article: I felt something wasn’t complete about it.

Back in 1979 I spent some time in a psychiatric place, back in Hungary. It was almost like a sanatorium, on a beautiful mountain, for rich people and their brood.

My room mate was the jilted wife of a famous actor… everyone was famous for something. Of course, I was a famous person’s daughter.

I made friends with a fellow patient, my age. She had a difficult time sleeping at all. She was depressed.

Occasionally I saw his family visit her: a lovely boy, her husband, even her in-laws. By the way, she was an amazing literary translator of novels, talented as the sun.

So as I was lying on my bed I tried to feel her body to “diagnose” what was underneath the depression.

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