It takes courage to become all you can be. Most, 99.99% don’t have it.

What is courage?

The dictionary says: “courage is the ability to do something that frightens you”.

Or said in another way: do something in the face of fear…

I simply call this TLB, the Twitchy Little Bastard score…

If you are not courageous, you are a Twitchy Little Bastard. You run, you hide, you lie, you manipulate, you blame, you do all kinds of things other than a courageous person would do.

There is a tale that illustrates this:

A group of psychologists visits a village in India. The village is right next to a forest where the great tiger lives…

The great tiger visits the village once in a while, and takes a prey. The threat is constant, you never know when the next tiger attack comes.

They interview everyone, including the kids of the village to hear what they’d do if the tiger came… or better said, when the tiger inevitably comes.

the youngest kids say they will hide from the tiger
little bigger kids say they will Outwit the tiger
even bigger kids say they will Outrun the tiger
The sign of an adult is: they face the tiger

Low TLB means that you are not an adult, you have no access to your adult capacities.

Being angry at someone, yelling at them, hitting them, blaming them, is not adult… adult is an emotion-free state: the actions don’t come from emotions.

When I look at the hundreds of people whose TLB I’ve measured in the past few years, I found only two people whose TLB was 10% or more. Some people in my Playground have raised their TLB, sadly not all.

You need a high TLB for life, especially for the kind of life you dream about. My TLB is 70%. In the beginning it was desperation that allowed me to choose courage instead of the strategies kids have… hiding, outwitting, or outrunning the tiger. I was already in my third country, in my fourth profession, still single, still sick… It was time to face the tiger.

The tiger in that story is your darkness, your machine, your “Opponent” as Kabbalists call it, you could call it EGO, the part of you that keeps consciousness from seeing what’s really going on.

Most of us, consciousness never sees reality, only gets it remotely, through the ego, through some interpretation.

When consciousness sees what’s going on, consciousness will encourage all of you, all parts of you, to team up, forget about the different interests, and do the right thing. Serve YOU.

Consciousness is the captain of You, Inc. and it is deprived of information, deprived of clarity, because the other parts of you, Inc. are cowardly or self-serving.

That is you, that is me… fragmented, and there is no you… or there are many “you’s”… like a multiple personality disorder: none of the parts agree. All pull to a different direction.

I can see it on my students… on the Playground partner calls… the different parts struggle for dominance.

I could see it on myself… and I could see the devastating result: no energy, poor sleep, weight
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