Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge is what you get from books, from gurus, from audios…

99.99% of the articles you read on the internet are Tree of Knowledge. Untested by the author, not a personal experience, hearsay. Truth repeated is a lie. I can count on one hand the writers who write from personal experience. The rest sound authoritative, but they are inauthentic.

The only authenticity there is is being authentic of your inauthenticity: tell the truth that you are pretending, lying, manipulating, etc.

How do I know? I am not an empath for nothing, lol. I feel it. And then I muscle test asking all-knowledge for confirmation.

The most successful writers, for example, on Medium are full of sh!t… and if you learn from them, you learn Tree of Knowledge stuff… straight from the morass.

Truth repeated is a lie. Lie because it is now your personal experience. No discernment, not yours.

The internet made all the tree of knowledge stuff available, and people are getting stupider and stupider as a result. I mean you!

When you rely on what someone else said as the truth, you suspend your own thinking ability, suspend your own reasoning, and become a patsy, a sheep, a puppet on a string.

Your job is to experience life through actions and thinking, and come to your own conclusions. That is your job…
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