True Empath

There are empaths and there is True Empath.

What is the difference? An empath can feel others feelings. Mostly they feel them mixed with their own.
An empath is able to tell feelings apart, but their relationship to empathy is being a victim of it.

I will not talk about the people who claim to be empaths… they are like the gipsies in many cities in the US, or in the streets of the country I am from: they are frauds: they are observant, good listeners, they will use your response as a guide to continue in the same direction or not.

They are fortune tellers, magicians, fake psychics: get paid to dupe you. And surprisingly you love to pay them.

A True Empath is a scientist. A True Empath is laser sharp in their aim, they are accurate and astute in their assessments of your feelings. A True Empath feels YOUR feelings 10 times stronger than they feel their own, and therefore can tell them apart.

A True Empath can feel emotions and identify them, and can feel bodily feelings, attitudes, intentions, the energy moving, even see your thoughts as energy moving. They can’t see the content of the thoughts, but matched with the emotions and blockages that go with them, they can guess at the content quite accurately.

The tool of the True Empath is experimenting, feedback, to increase accuracy. It’s a job, not a hobby.
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