I had a heart to heart with Source… and let’s play a game

I had a heart to heart today with Source.

The conversation started with me asking how many itch mites I have on me. The numbers just didn’t add up… so I asked: “You don’t know, do you?” And Source admitted that it didn’t know.

The conversation continued about what Source knows and how.

Source does not have eyes to see. Source does not feel. Source only senses. And that is why itch mites can elude its observation: itch mites look and feel dead, inert, not alive, when you observe them. They have legs, they must have legs, because they move when you don’t watch them. So, unless an itch mite moves, Source doesn’t know it’s there. And obviously all I can do is guess… A conversation with Source plays out almost completely inside what I can think of… i.e. in the 2-3-4-5% of what is knowable.

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