face the tiger

In an article, I write the whole idea of “facing the tiger” but here it is again:
Behavioral scientists were visiting this village in India. They wanted to find out how living next to the forest of the great white tigers effected the dreams of the children of the village.

The great white tiger, whenever it got hungry, visited the village and took a child.

This is what they found:

The little children, between three and 6, dreamed about hiding from the tiger.
Children between age 6-10 dreamed about outwitting the tiger
Children 10-14 dreamed about outrunning the tiger
Children over 14 dreamed about facing the tiger.

As you see, as they matured they took a more and more courageous position.

Your case, your issue, your problems are your tigers.
Your relationship to your tiger indicates your maturity, and your ability to be successful, happy, peaceful, and content in life. Find your tiger and face it.
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