Strategy: should you have one? Plan: should you have one? and what about Goals?

Summary: to have a sense of self, to have a strong self, you need to be self-directed in your journey… which also means having a journey. The size of your life is the size of your project, and most people have small projects, mostly for otter people. You’ll learn how to start building a life and how to be directed by Self by using some basic principles.

We begin, today, the process of building up and protecting the Self from the world, never mind that you have no idea what self is: it will be clear after a few articles, don’t be impatient. It is not a simple task: after all no one has done it before… REALLY!

You’ll need to walk with me through this discovery process, without using your mind to understand: the mind is not able to understand this: this is new! And a new type of process: I am not giving you the results of years worth of thinking: I am doing this with you: live.

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