From my correspondence: How does the unconditional love activator work? Do I need to connect to Source? Side effects?

Hi Sofie,

I was not able to make it to the Saturday evening Connect To Source webinar at 6:00pm last week either. I will get up early on this Saturday to be in on the 6:00am webinar on 12/17/11. I feel I really need some direction and I do understand it is part of the program. I have been reading the books, reports, and articles on your website, They are very enlightening.

I have been listening to the Unconditional Love Activator tape. Today is my 4th day and I usually listen at least 2 times a day. Today, I am so depressed and have been crying all day at everything. I do not understand. Is this depressions and crying related to your recording? I am not normally this deeply depressed about anything. Most of the depressions does seem to revolve around a problem or issue I personally have. That is why I thought they might be related.

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