Anything, inside or out, that takes away your sense of power, is disempowering.

Being powerful is not a thing, it is an interpretation of a state, it is in effect a state of being. It is based on
there is nothing wrong with me

there is nothing wrong with you

there is nothing wrong with it

In that state, when nothing needs fixing, one has the sober eyes to see what needs to get done.

Essentially, being powerful means something really simple: the speed and effectiveness with which things get done, in which an object gets from state A to state B.

It can be a physical object, or it can be an internal state.
Going from angry to peaceful is an example. If it takes you a day or two or more… that is one level of power. Doing it in seconds is another level of power.

The level of power will depend, essentially, on the number of DNA capacities you have turned on and use.
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