Mites, especially spider mites (Morgellons), act much smarter than most humans.

What do most humans do when they are attacked? They sulk, argue, weep, yell, think about it, threaten, that’s what they do.

What do human mites do when they are attacked? They regroup. They get smarter. They do more of what works, and beat the attacker at their own game, by being stronger, smarter, and more capable, by counting on the human’s emotions to come in the way, on them sleepwalking or falling asleep at the wheel of their life.
Do you recognize yourself reacting like a human or reacting like a mite?
Mites have been around for much longer than humans, and will be around much longer than humans, because mites love Life, instead of thinking Life owes them a living, happiness, health, etc.

I am not saying mites don’t get angry, or huffy puffy for the injustices they receive.

They get angry, they may huff and puff, but then they say f… it, and get to work… doing what they need to do to have what they want.Life wants more life… And for mites that means more babies. Spider mites are actually sacrificing themselves for their offspring.

Humans, on the other hand,


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