Bring the divine to everything

Two years ago I ran a big course, it was long, and it was amazing: Activate Divinity.

One of the distinctions in that course was “bringing the divine to everything”.

This is my secret to life: bringing the divine to everything. Living meditatively, instead of meditating. Communing with Source instead of going to “church”, or praying…

The movie that was teaching it best, at the time, was “Babette’s Feast”, a Scandinavian movie that I really loved. It’s part of the course…

But another movie has been pushing itself into my consciousness at least every other day, without me ever stopping to wonder why.

The movie is called “Chef” made in 2014. It is again about this “bringing the divine to everything”… which is in a chef’s case mostly means: every dish, every sandwich… everything.

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