Republished: My experience with removing cords/attachments so far and some vibrational reviews

After sending out that email yesterday

I had quite a few people contact me and ask me to check if they had attachments, and all that found out they had, asked me to remove them. So I have had my hands full.

Most people had at least three attachments.
After the removal of the cords, their vibration rose
I can only tell the flavor, not the source of the attachment
My experience of the aftermath: freedom. fear disappeared
I consider this process a real success.
More observations:
Some religions put an attachment on you. Depending on where the attachment is, I can guess what religion.
cults put an attachment on you
distant healers put an attachment on you

I prefer to say “attachment” but it’s the same as cord.
One person wrote me an email
Hello sophie,
How do I know that you mean well and it is not you that keeps a cord for energy?
I answered: you don’t… and unsubscribed her from my mailing list…

Then I went and checked if she had attachments. Yes, 4. While I was doing the checking, two attachments, both on the top of the head, jumped over to me. I quickly removed them from myself.

So far I have only experienced something like this once, attachments being contagious: with Mr. T’s attachments. But these ones felt like Satanic or religious attachments, pure hate.

Unless someone can maintain a connection, an energetic channel open long enough to do something substantial through it, they have to create something that is permanent: a cord or an energetic attachment, a flag, a transmitter.

It’s nasty: you become their prey. You have no say in the matter what and when they send you or pump away from you.

Why I don’t need that: I am an empath: being an empath means I don’t need a channel. I actually merge with you for the time of the connection. I feel what you feel. I work on my own body to cause healing. If you watched me, you would see me giving myself energy. But while I am connected to you, you receive all that energy. I don’t even feel myself, I only feel you.

A friend of my coined it “healing by proxy”, and I like it. It is an accurate description of what I do.

If you could find your attachments, you could remove them yourself, by the way.

But my experience of you is that you are asleep and dead…

But, if you are one of those rare people who is aware: you can feel attachments and you can pull them, and pull them and pull them, until they are removed. The “tail” of the attachments can be as long as 100 yards long. You should feel as it uncoils, as it is pulled from different organs, etc.

My blessings to you if you can do it.

There is one healer among my students who has two attachments, and in my regular once a month call with her, I will help her find it and remove it: I’ll just observe, so she can experience her own power.

She has been doing some magical work on others, hands on, by the way. I have learned from her as well.

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