Case study: Attachment removal and what YOU can learn from it

I started to offer attachment removal in 2015, I think. This is one I did today… and I am sharing it with you because there is a great lesson in it, especially if you read Osho’s words I also included:

She: Do I have any attachments?

yes. you have about 20
She: I really feel weak even though I take the activators. I have a friend at work who’s always monitoring me (who am I with, comments all the time on my facebook, befriends my new friends even if she don’t know them, ask me where I am, wants to know my life all the time etc etc). It really drains me and wondering if she’s one of the attachment.
coworkers can’t put attachments on you, I even don’t know how to do it. Only so called healers, witches, sorcerers can do it… it is a kind of voodoo
UPDATE: since I published this article, originally, I have found that there are “jumping”, infections attachments that jump on you if you connect, energetically, with someone. And then you become an infectious host.

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