Truths and Lies

What if most of what we hold true, is as faulty as what we are told is true about what causes cancer, why you itch in the nether region of your body, why your eye lashes are falling out, why your nose itches, and why you can’t have a good night’s sleep?

I mean, if would make sense to think that how off THEY are about one thing, is exactly how off THEY are about others, wouldn’t it?

When you go to a doctor, the last answer you’d expect is “I have no idea what you have. I have no idea why you feel so bad…”

If you did, or when you do, you say “This is not a good doctor, let me find a better one!” Right? And you would go from doctor to doctor, but they all learned the same thing, so what one doesn’t know, likely that the rest of them won’t know either!

The only difference between doctors is how well they lie. Some lie better than others. These are the doctors we call “good doctors”.


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