You are in trouble… And you don’t know that you don’t know that you are in trouble

One of the most educational experiences is to listen in to Dr Wallach’s radio show.

It’s on youtube. But before you rush, let me tell you what to listen for.

People ask about a disease. A problem. Although Dr. Wallach’s approach is not disease+fixing directed, he needed to learn how to ask questions that drive up the actual nutritional deficiency issues, so he can address the underlying deficiency, instead of providing a fix that makes no difference.
One question he repeatedly asks and a question that seems totally irrelevant, is this: Was there childhood rash? He also asks, repeatedly about childhood asthma.

I have been pondering these two questions, and I finally cracked the mystery with regards to one of them: the rash, and I am starting to see the relevance of asthma.

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