Knowing yourself… the lack of it is causing the biggest stumbling block to self-actualization

Thank god, I can relate to this… I didn’t know myself, didn’t even begin to know myself until 1988 or so. It’s a stumbling block I myself had to go over… and it wasn’t a walk in the park, so I see your hesitation.

And it isn’t the easiest stumbling block either. It takes courage. Man of Fear won’t even go there. Man of Courage… hell yeah… once he finds out that it is missing.

It’s a difficult stumbling block, because knowing means: accurately. And knowing means: sober eyes. Not critical, not judgmental, not apologetic, not justifying. And not running away.

Things are the way they are, and aren’t the way they aren’t… You are the way you are, and you aren’t the way you aren’t.

Sounds final, but that is exactly what it isn’t.

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